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"The Taylor Organization saved my company."

"We had more problems than my partner and I wanted to deal with: supplier and competition problems; personnel problems; compensation problems; internal conflicts. We considered just locking the doors and walking away.

The Taylor Organization diagnosed the problems, recommended solutions, and worked with us to implement them. Then they convinced us that the business we were willing to walk away from had real value. In sixty days they helped us increase the value of business for a lot more than I thought possible."

“The level of service at The Taylor Organization is fantastic! Having been a client of TTO, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every team member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Perfections Barbershop, LLC
Owner/Master Barber: Sam Williams
(404) 840-6856
Atlanta, GA

"The Taylor Organization helped us cut expenses by 30% and increase profits by 50%."

"Our business was growing, but our profits weren't. TTO  analyzed the problems, identified the areas that were sapping our profitability and helped us improve those areas. The results were improved productivity, a 30% decrease in expenses, and - best of all - a 50% increase in profits."
“I am already promoting your abilities with Business plan development, we are very pleased!  Thanks for every thing."

Technical Solutions, LLC
 Mr. Gregory McCommons 
(404) 916-8856
Atlanta, GA

 "The Taylor Organization created a perfect match and turned two losing companies into a much larger winner."

"We were losing money and heavily in debt in a highly price-competitive business. TTO quickly renegotiated a defaulted loan, helped us improve our productivity and cut our fixed expenses. Then they proposed a solution that I never would have thought of: combine our company with a compatible competitor that was also unprofitable, eliminate duplicated expenses and create a larger, stronger winner. He found a perfect match, negotiated a great deal for both companies, and produced a company that was instantly profitable. I wouldn't have believed it was possible if I hadn't experienced it myself."

Ryan C Sanders CEO Ensight Entertainment, Atlanta GA
(770) 527-9168
Atlanta, GA